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Degree Requirements

Graduate Courses

Courses in the College of Information Science & Technology appropriate for the Master of Science degree in Computer Science usually have the prefixes CIST and CSCI. Those with the CIST prefix are common to multiple departments in the college, and are administered by a college-level committee. Those with the CSCI prefix are exclusive to the computer science program. There are a few courses with the ISQA prefix found in the Information Systems & Quantitative Analysis program; the descriptions for these courses may be found here.

Course Numbering

A four-digit course number identifies each course. Courses which have numbers beginning with 8 are primarily for master's students; those beginning with 9 are primarily for Ph.D. students, although some of these may be acceptable in a master's program. The next two digits identify the course. The last digit identifies the course type: 0 is a traditional course, 4 is a laboratory course, 5 is a course cross-listed with a junior-level undergraduate course (which will usually not satisfy any graduate requirements), and 6 is a course cross-listed with a senior-level undergraduate course.

Course Descriptions

Descriptions of each graduate course with a CIST or CSCI prefix may be viewed by selecting it from the drop-down control below.

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